Jägermeister | Bar Beats | DJ Big Daddly B February 2022

Bar Beats

Jam out with some ice cold beats

DJ Big Daddly B

DJ Big Daddly B February 2022

Welcome to BAR BEATS, with Big Daddly B!

I put this set together based on a lot of the music I discovered over the pandemic, old and new. I’ve been djing around Austin for 10+ years, everything from soul, to hip hop, to indie dance, but kept finding myself circling back to house and dance music. During the pandemic, I used the time to hone my craft and expand my library. Owning a dance club during 2020 allowed me to spend many nights in an empty club playing on the cdjs for hours while the doors remained locked, hoping there would be a time when I would be able to play to a packed club again. Though we are still amidst a pandemic I’ve been lucky enough to play to packed rooftops of mask wearers dancing the night away.

DJ Big Daddly B

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DJ Big Daddly B
DJ Big Daddly B

Brian Almaraz is one-half of Compact Disco Crew and co-owner of a few nightclubs in Austin. He has resided in Austin since 2007 and has been DJing, bartending, dancing, and creating since then. Brian was at an Austin staple, Cheer Up Charlies, for nearly eight years, bartending and djing, before opening the Coconut Club in late 2019, the Neon Grotto in February 2021. Owning the two clubs keeps him busy, and he has shifted his in-town djing to almost primarily at Neon Grotto and Coco’. He is still touring and has dates in New Orleans, Houston, Monterrey lined up for the next few months, but his focus is on keeping the dance music scene in Austin vibrant, flourishing, and thriving.