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DJ Farrah Flossett

DJ Farrah Flossett

DJ Farrah Flosscett

Welcome to Spring 2021 everyone, from Jägermeister "Behind the Shot" and me!

I took a very high energy direction, with some "WORK OUT" wordplay in my song choices, as I thought about taking a long spring run or bike ride outdoors and using the music a fuel for the haul. I also incorporated some St Patrick's Day jams on here, either being known anthems or just awesome bands/artists of Irish descent with history and roots in the music world that I remixed into keeping that same BIG ENERGY vibration in the mix the whole time from beginning to end.

Get Know DJ Farrah Flosscett
DJ Farrah Flossett

Farrah Flosscett made her DJ debut in 2015 in Washington DC.

She currently has residencies at 12Stories, Fig & Olive, and The W Hotel. Still early in her career, she has already been recruited to travel and play for Art Basel 2017-2020 & SXSW 2018-2019, as well as festivals in DC including Broccoli City, Trill Grill, National Cannabis, H Street, and DC Capital Pride Festival. She is a recurring guest DJ in NYC, LA, and Austin. She also had the opportunity to perform for the massive Open House festival in Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition to being the co-founder of her own collective, "Throwing Shade" - an event formulated with the sole purpose to bring the missing future RnB and rare hip hop sound element to DC via nonconforming venue spaces, she then brought that same event outside of Washington DC to Brooklyn NY to partner with Miami Art Basel affiliates F.A.M.E. for a Throwing Shade In Brooklyn in 2019 following additionally bringing it to Miami Art Basel 3 months later.

She has also grown her supporting act catalog by DJing on stage beside such artists as Ludacris, Brandy, Wale, Lion Babe, Action Bronson, and Fat Trel. And along with those successes, came two live radio shows where she currently has a weekly DJ performance slot at both the Hong Kong/DC-based Eaton Workshop and Full Service Radio.

 She was chosen in 2017 by Sean "Diddy" Combs, as one of his "Deleon 100" influencers, for his US talent recognition. Ironically, her musical history story sparks from her father's own DJ roots. And therefore, holds a major part of her passions to always attempt cohesive sound jumps inhabiting a blend of Funk, Soulful House, Future Beats, R&B, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Nu Disco, Hip Hop and Classics.

Farrah is inspired by inspiring. She wants to inspire that warm feeling, that cool feeling, that nostalgic moment, that sweat it all out, that inner sexy, that jump in the crowd, that beat of the drum mind manipulation. She wants to be the sound giver and not a taker of it all / to all. No boxes, no labels. That's the inspiration that makes her do her music magic.