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DJ Nicky V

DJ Nicky V


Welcome to BAR BEATS with Phoenix DJ Nicky V! Bar Beats brings the best and most talented DJs from all over the country to celebrate the cities they love. Their sets are Inspired by nightlife and their symbiotic relationship with bartenders, bringing all the vibes! Let's go!

Tell us bout your inspiration behind the set.

For my Behind The Shot Phoenix mix, I pulled inspiration from Arizona’s beautiful sunset that all our bartenders and industry people see on their way to work. It’s a curation of deep and proper house tracks that will carry you through the night and maybe until sunrise.

My name is DJ Nicky V, and this is my Jägermeister Behind The Shot Mix! I hope you enjoy it!


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Get To Know
DJ Nicky V
DJ Nicky V

Nicky V is a notable DJ/Producer when it comes to the Phoenix house music scene. The Arizona native has been passionately perfecting his craft in the studio and on stage for the last 15 yrs. From bands to his solo DJ career, his love for synthesizers and drum machines is always represented. As a resident of the acclaimed BFF Phoenix night on the Barsmith rooftop, he has gained the ears of Phoenix’s best promoters and DJs. From festivals to clubs and from bars to warehouse parties, you can catch Nicky V’s distinct blend of house music pumping out of Arizona’s finest sound systems.