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DJ Spice J

DJ Spice J

Welcome to May BAR BEATS, From Your Favorite Most OK DJ!

My inspiration behind this set is pretty much the mantra of my life. Embrace the weird and unexpected! Music has no prejudice because it follows the same rules at the end of the day; there's always a pattern. However, music can be just as weird as the artist creating it! So, that's why I love mashups so much! You can literally find two completely different music genres and then find their common grounds to make a whole new song! Somewhere in that process is a metaphor for life.


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DJ Spice J
DJ Spice J

Spice J is the Self Proclaimed Most OK DJ on the Planet.

Spice J represents the city of Nashville, TN, aka THE Music City! For over two decades, Spice J has been working on his DJ skills which have landed him some awesome opportunities such as Opening for Big Freedia, Die Antwoord, Ice Cube, and Big Boi. Spice J also curates a weekly event in Nashville called Freak Me, which occurs every Monday at the Crying Wolf.