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DJ Spice J

DJ Spice J

Spice J is the world's most ok DJ from Nashville, TN, a city heralded as a "Music City," so you know his game is tight! Spice J spins all the classics within the decades ranging from the 70's to this current date at this exact moment that you're reading this very bio! Exciting stuff! There are, however, a few genres in which Spice J excels, 90's hip-hop and R & B, and a genre from New Orleans known as Bounce! Bounce is a high energy form of dance music that focuses on a body part that everyone has: Butts! Spice J is also a laid back, come as you are DJ when it comes to the music he loves, if it's got a beat, he can make you dance to it!

All 80's Live Mix

If I were forced to choose one decade of music to listen to (and let's be honest, even the thought of being forced to listen to just ONE decade is stifling to a DJ) I would hands down chose the 80's. The 1980's saw the creation of a radical genre, one that even during it's time was considered dangerous, and was heavily criticized as not even being music at all! Naturally, I'm talking rap. I'm talking hip hop! However, it's also that every other genre of music started branching out and using more technology in their recordings and making some seriously weird and exciting sounds! But more importantly... I was born in the 1980s! You're welcome, world!

May 2020
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