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Bar Beats

Jam out with some ice cold beats

DJ Spice J

DJ Spice J

Spice J is the world's most ok DJ from Nashville, TN, a city heralded as a "Music City," so you know his game is tight! Spice J spins all the classics within the decades ranging from the 70's to this current date at this exact moment that you're reading this very bio! Exciting stuff! There are, however, a few genres in which Spice J excels, 90's hip-hop and R & B, and a genre from New Orleans known as Bounce! Bounce is a high energy form of dance music that focuses on a body part that everyone has: Butts! Spice J is also a laid back, come as you are DJ when it comes to the music he loves, if it's got a beat, he can make you dance to it!

This mix is for the backyard BBQs or the hangs on the lake with that one dude who has a boat! It represents the heat of the day awaking into a rowdy nighttime party!

It has been a blast to be a part of the Jägermeister Behind the Shot series for bartenders. I was approached to do this by a former bartender turned Jägermeister rep, Mathias Simonis and because he used to serve me up many of my favorite cocktails behind the bar while I DJ'd, I knew I had to say yes! Moreover, I wanted to return the favor of all the bartenders, from all over, who not only selflessly serve the drinks, but are the real reason that all my DJ mixes get the crowds going. The bartender/DJ relationship is truly a dance of symbiotic beauty!

August 2020
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