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DJ Spice J

DJ Spice J

Spice J is the world's most ok DJ from Nashville, TN, a city heralded as a "Music City," so you know his game is tight! Spice J spins all the classics within the decades ranging from the 70's to this current date at this exact moment that you're reading this very bio! Exciting stuff! There are, however, a few genres in which Spice J excels, 90's hip-hop and R & B, and a genre from New Orleans known as Bounce! Bounce is a high energy form of dance music that focuses on a body part that everyone has: Butts! Spice J is also a laid back, come as you are DJ when it comes to the music he loves, if it's got a beat, he can make you dance to it!

This mix is for the backyard BBQs or the hangs on the lake with that one dude who has a boat! It represents the heat of the day awaking into a rowdy nighttime party!

The inspiration for the set just sort of hit me after I pressed play. I wanted to start it off by paying an homage to the dog days of summer, those unbearably hot days where movement just isn't an option. However, as I went further in, the disco started to take a hold of me, then it hit me! I MISS MUSIC FESITVALS! At that point, I knew I had to make a mix that, at the very least, made you want to remove an article of clothing. Enjoy!

August 2020
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