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DJ Zero Cool Mix Sept 2021

Welcome to BAR BEATS, with DJ Zero Cool from Milwaukee, WI

First, I want to thank all the people at Jägermeister for bringing me on to do this project.  Looking for something to welcome back live music and being a massive fan of seeing music live and in person, I jumped at the idea of trying to figure out how to splice in live cuts over this mix.  Some of this mix samples me playing live to a crowd (shout out to all the people coming out and welcoming me back to the venues I have a residency at, it truly feels fantastic playing to live rooms again) at different spots in Milwaukee.

The music selection is a blend of new and classic cuts; I wanted to create something that you could feel the energy of a crowd if you listened to this by yourself.  I also tried to build something that if you and your friends were road-tripping to a music festival, you could roll down all the windows and sing at the top of your lungs to every song.  

This mix is split into two parts, the first to get you jamming out, and in the second half, I move into songs I picture crowds of people singing over. To me, that’s what playing live is all about! There is this incredible energy that a crowd can give back to you, and it is truly unique.

I genuinely hope you and whoever you listen to this with appreciate and enjoy this as a lot of love was put into crafting this mix… enjoy! -


DJ Zerocool

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DJ Zero Cool
DJ Zero Cool

Hailing from “the good land” of Milwaukee, DJ Zerocool is a veteran in the DJ community, playing high energy sets for 20 plus years. 

DJ Zerocool has held residencies in Chicago, Vegas, and Milwaukee, while working with the likes of Kid Rock, 2 Live Crew, Tommy Lee, Bad Boy Bill, Coolio, Kaskade, and Tydi, to name a few. You can catch Zerocool one of the number of residencies he holds in Milwaukee when venues reopen to full capacity.