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DJ Zerocool

DJ Zerocool

Hailing from "the good land" of Milwaukee, DJ Zerocool is a veteran in the D.J. community, playing high energy sets for 20 plus years.

DJ Zerocool has held residencies in Chicago, Vegas, and Milwaukee, while working with the likes of Kid Rock, 2 Live Crew, Tommy Lee, Bad Boy Bill, Coolio, Kaskade, and Tydi, to name a few. You can catch Zerocool at one of the number of residencies he holds in Milwaukee when venues reopen to full capacity.

Thanksgiving eve 2020

This month's mix was inspired by the day before thanksgiving. My idea was to try and capture the energy of our youth. The songs we've known by heart via hip hop, pop, rock and some house. I pictured playing a party for my closest friends the night before thanksgiving.

Every track on this mix is something my friends and I have rapped / sang along to, or it’s an "oh shit, do you remember this track?!?" I tried to make this as fun as possible, while trying to cater to everyone's tastes. I hope this gets you moving, singing or makes conversation for you and the people around you.... once again enjoy.

Check out DJ Zerocool’s mix inspired by Thanksgiving Eve.

November 2020
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