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Cari Hah

Cari Hah

Bartender So Cal

My name is Cari Hah, and I am the bar manager in Los Angeles. I work at an all-day bar that is attached to a cafe with a 200-seat outdoor patio. Coffee culture is a massive deal in LA, so I am lucky to have fantastic coffee drinks and baristas right next door to the bar that I can utilize in my cocktails. My cocktail is inspired by a trendy drink, the Dirty Chai Tea Latte. I am known as the “Tiger Mom” of the Los Angeles bar community. My way of giving back to my community is by teaching and mentoring younger bartenders. When I was coming up in the bartending world, I had no one to teach me, no one who cared, no one to ask questions to and get advice from. Now, I try to be the person I wish I had had when I was a young bartender.

Dirty Chai Fizz
 Dirty Chai Fizz

The style of my cocktail is a fizz in the manner of a Ramos Gin Fizz.

A Great Fall Cocktail To Celebrate

3/4 part Jägermeister MANIFEST

3/4 part Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee

1 part of heavy cream

1/2 part chai tea syrup**

1 egg white

1 part soda water

Ice: Shaking

Glass: Fizz

Garnish: Dust of cinnamon


What's the style of your cocktail?

The style of my cocktail is a fizz in the manner of a Ramos Gin Fizz. This drink is notorious for being laborious and taking too long. I sometimes think bartenders make customers feel bad for ordering it, which I believe to be ridiculous and wrong! Fizz style drinks are super easy to make quickly and always make guests so happy, so I always put a fizz cocktail on my menus to make sure my bartenders don’t fall into the trap of feeling annoyed or intimidated when someone orders it. Big Bar may be the only bar that a guest can come and order a whole round of fizzes, and the bartender will not even bat an eye! It’s a cocktail I am so happy to teach to other bartenders to smash the misconception that it is a pain to make. I love teaching bartenders to make drinks, but more than that, to make customers happy!

October 2020
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