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Cuyler Harris

Cocktail Name: Papa Wasser
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Matt's Playlist Inspiration

I may be the last person on earth who actually, really, non-ironically loves Christmas music. I even annoyingly play it before Thanksgiving (fight me). But we all know that stuff, we all know the deep cuts, and we all know the covers too. This playlist was just a who's-who of current bangers that make me feel happy. There's highs and lows, dancey bops, and moody shoe-gazers. I think everyone should be able to groove out a little with a Christmas cocktail in their hand this year; you can put those jingle bells back in the box.

Papa Wasser

Created by Cuyler Harris

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Papa Wasser (Daddy's Water)

1 1/2 parts Jagermeister Cold Brew

3/4 part Spiced Coconut-Pecan Syrup*

1 whole egg

2-3 Dashes Bitterman's Elemakule Bitters

Add all ingredients to a shaker tin (yes, a whole egg), no ice and dry shake for 30-45 seconds or until your arms want to fall off.

Open shaker tin and fill with ice, wet shake for an additional 20-30 seconds, or more -fine strain, or double strain, into a frosted, footed sour glass, or just your favorite festive holiday mug -garnish with a big, fat cloud of nutmeg/cinnamon dust on top and enjoy!


I have a great deal of love for the holidays. Even after working many Miracle Pop-ups (for those that know, bless you), I still find such rich and wonderful energy emanating from everyone who walks through our door. It's one of my favorite times of year just to reflect on the time that's passed and share some laughs and be around the ones you love, chosen family or not. And, of course, drinking lots of lush, frothy, succulent, and spicy holiday drinks is one of my favorite pastimes.

Get to Know Cuyler Harris
Seattle, WA
 Seattle, WA

Raised in the South, living in the Pacific Northwest, Cuyler has been behind the stick for over 10+ years at almost every level of service. From dive bars to fancy Rum bars, to 4-Star Hotels, to running some of Seattle's finest bar programs, there isn't much he hasn't experienced. He's currently obtaining his M.A. in Health Counseling and Psychology at Antioch University; he's manifesting the credit we should all deserve as bartenders/armchair therapists. Loves a good pour of mezcal and a spicy Amari, or an over-the-top, very much on-fire tropical beverage rich with complexities and garnishes alike.

Cuyler's Tips & Tricks

*Spiced Coconut-Pecan Syrup Recipe:

Yield ~14oz., or 10-12 servings

  • 272 g coconut water
  • 16 g pecan, toasted
  • 320 g brown sugar
  • 24 g maple syrup
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 6-8 whole cloves
  • 6-8 whole allspice berries
  • 1 tsp ground nutmeg

-using some of the measured coconut water, mince and chop the toasted pecans in a blender. Set aside.

-crack the dried spices in the base of a dry, medium-sized pot and toast the spices over medium-high heat until aromatic.

-add remaining coconut water and bring to a boil. Boil for 3 minutes.

-Lower heat and add sugar, pecans (from blender), and maple syrup and heat again until simmering and sugar has dissolved

-allow to cool, then strain using a sieve

-bottle and store in a refrigerator

Tips & Tricks:

Outside of the syrup you need to make; there's not a lot of crazy tricks you would have to do to execute this drink perfectly. I feel like the ingredients are pretty forgiving, especially the egg. Christmas drinks are hilariously easy to make taste good, don't accidentally explode too many spices on top, and have that first sip be a Cinnamon Challenge. Also, if your muscles are rich and dense like corned beef, you can probably skip the dry shake altogether and shake the heck out of it with some ice in the tin. Really impress everyone at the party with how big that vein in your forehead can get.

What Does Hospitality Mean To You Cuyler?

To me, hospitality has always been about treating people with courtesy and respect in an individualized non-cookie-cutter fashion. Making every interaction with a guest unique to their "vibes" and fostering a fun, non-pretentious environment in which everyone can independently exist. Repetitive, rehearsed service speeches have never been my thing and frankly are insulting to the guest who is very often looking for a personalized experience. There is an immense deal of sensitivity, active listening, and on-the-spot evolution necessary when reading a guest and attending to their needs, especially the ones who maybe aren't having the best day. To me, it is vital to focus on and turn those people's experiences around, maybe it's something personal they're going through, or maybe just the last bar they were just at that gave them shitty service. I just love doing something special and intentional for someone and having them feel seen. It's all anyone wants, really.