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Denzel Brown Jagermeister

Denzel Brown

New Orleans Bartender

Denzel Brown, 27, is a bartender from New Orleans, LA, although he’s spending a little time stretching his chops in Chicago, IL. He’s a lover, and a nerd, of all things pertaining to spirits and liqueurs.


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Inspired by the famous Afro-German poet “May Ayim,” ‘Blues in Schwarz Weiss’ is an homage to her collection of poems under the same name that embodies a sense of funk, individualism, and progress. The notion of using blues - a musical style - to create a dialogue between ethical boundaries represents a third space where traditions can meet creativity and evolve into something new and fresh.

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“Blues in Schwarz Weiss (Blues in Black + White)”
 “Blues in Schwarz Weiss (Blues in Black + White)”


1 part Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee

1 ½ part Stone Street Blueberry Cold Brew

¼ part 2:1 Cane Syrup

Honey liqueur (Bärenjäger) infused Cream*

Garnishes: Cacao nibs, Edible blueberry gel

Directions: Shake ingredients without ice until frothy. Strain into a Coupe Glass. Top with Barenjager Cream and garnish with Blueberry Gel & Cacao Nibs.

**Barenjager Cream: 2:1 ratio Cream to Barenjager in a Jar or shaker tin. Shake until whipped.