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Efren Cimental

Efren Cimental

Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to Bartender Showcase featuring Efren Cimental, a talented bartender from Phoenix, AZ. Bartender Showcase brings the best bartending talent from across the country. These passionate and gifted artists are leaders within the industry and are educating and inspiring through their shaker tins.

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Efren's Spotify Playlist & Inspiration

I listen to so many kinds of music, but these songs are the ones that stand out for me, and I can easily see myself listening to them at least once a day, either at work or on my way to work.

I'm Efren Cimental & this is my Behind The Shot Playlist.


Valley of the Son

Created by Efren Cimental

Valley of the SON cocktail with Jägermeister

Cocktail Name: Valley of the Son

Name: Efren Cimental


  • 1 part Jägermeister 
  • 1 part Mezcal
  • ¾ part Lime juice
  • ¼ part Lemon juice
  • ½ part Prickly pear syrup* (See recipe in Tips & Tricks)
  • ¼ part Rich agave
  • ¾ part Cream
  • 1 Egg white
  • 1 dash of Orange blossom water 
  • 1 dash Blue clover singed orange bitters

Glass: Collins

Garnish: No garnish needed.

Method: Start by chilling Collins glass in the freezer. Build ingredients in the tin. Dry shake with two ice cubes and spring from the strainer for roughly 6-8 minutes vigorously. Quick wet shake for approximately 18-20 seconds. Strain into chilled Collins glass with approximately 1oz soda water until it hits the rim of the glass. Let it sit in the freezer, frequently tapping the bottom of the glass to help it settle. When the head is nice and settled, poke a hole in the middle and pour cold soda water to help the head rise out of the glass.

Cocktail Inspiration: I wanted to come up with a cocktail highlighting some of the things Phoenix offers. Prickly pear was an easy choice to try and showcase in this drink. The way it pairs with all the ingredients even had me trying to finish it before letting anybody else try it. The tartness, mellow sweetness, and texture give it characteristics of balance and a custard-like feel without overtaking anything in it. So, with that being said, I know it’ll do Jägermeister justice, and it stems from my love and pride for this beautiful city. Cheers!

Get to Know Efren Cimental
Phoenix, AZ
 Phoenix, AZ

Efren Cimental, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, began his career in the food and beverage industry at seventeen at the Sheraton Grand in Downtown Phoenix. Through hard work and dedication, he was given the opportunity to bartend, which is where he began his journey behind the stick and found his true calling. Efren, hungry to further his career in craft cocktails, jumped at the opportunity to work at Straight – Up Cocktail Lounge, a pre-prohibition-styled speakeasy located in Hotel Adeline here in Scottsdale, where he was quickly promoted to the position of Lead Bartender and began running his own cocktail program until COVID forced the venue to temporarily close. Since then, Efren has continued to expand his craft by working at various cocktail bars throughout Phoenix, such as The White Rabbit in Gilbert, where he was Lead Bartender, and 36 Below in Arcadia. He is now a resident bartender at Kazimierz in Scottsdale. Efren strives to provide each guest with over-the-top experiences by providing educational information about both spirits and techniques, in addition to creating unique custom cocktails that are tailored to the guest’s palette.

Tips & Tricks

What are some tips & tricks regarding the cocktail you created?

Prickly Pear Syrup:

  • 2 prickly pears
  • 1 cup sugar
  • Sous vides 
  • When the fruit is broken down, add half a cup of water and blend into a nice smooth consistency.
  • This will help keep a balance of tartness and sweetness.

What do you love most about your city?

Growing up in Phoenix is something I hold extremely close to my heart. I love my city and everything it has to offer. I’ve been here my whole life and look forward to continuing to be here within my growth in the F&B industry.