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Francis McGrath

Francis McGrath

Hubertus Circle

Growing up in family-run pizza joints to graduating from Culinary school, Frankie started as a cook in San Diego until he got his first job in the bar scene at Polite Provision, one of the top bars in San Diego and an highly accredited American High Volume cocktail bar. With Frankie’s understanding of flavor from his culinary background and his incredible work ethic, it wasn’t long before he became one of San Diego’s top bartenders. Frankie is one of our most senior and dedicated members in the Hubertus Circle program and has been a huge supporter of Jägermeister in his bars and around the community. We sat down with Frank to ask him about bartending and his favorite time of year, summertime!

Check out Frankie's cocktails
“It’s Always Sunny in San Diego” – TIKI/SWIZZLE cocktail

1 part Jägermeister
1 part Jamaican Rum
.5 part Honey (2:1)
.75 part Fresh lime juice
1 part Pineapple juice

Build: Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake with light ice. Pour in glass, over crushed ice. Garnish with lime wheel and Pineapple leaf.

Michelada (“Mich-meister”) – BEER cocktail

1 part Jägermeister
1 part fresh lime juice
1 part Michelada mix (Clamato/tomato juice, lime, Worchester, soy, hot sauce, Maggi/soy sauce)
4 parts Mexica Lager

Build: Add Jägermeister, lime, michelada mix to pint glass. Add ice. Fill to top with Mexican Lager (Modelo). Garnish with salt/tajin rim.


What does summer & bartending mean to you?

Living in San Diego we like to think we are professionals at summer (since summer is 12 months a year in San Diego). Summer in San Diego is the best time of year - everyone is in a great mood to go out, hang at the beach, and let loose with friends and family Days are longer and summer for me brings back a lot of great memories of growing up in the Summer time and wanting to try and relive/recreate those amazing moments. Some of my best memories are from summer time.

What is your favorite summer drink?

When I am behind the bar in the Summer time sweating and making cocktails all day, my favorite way to cool down after work is with an ice cold beer & a shot or with a nice refreshing cocktail. But I love beer, which is why my favorite summer cocktail is a Boilermaker - ice cold beer + ice cold shot – Boilermakers are great way to celebrate summer.

My favorite craft beer to drink with Jägermeister?

I like to keep it simple with a nice clean Pilsner-style beer, crisp and refreshing to compliment the complex flavors of Jägermeister
**Frankie’s favorite local brewery & beer – FALL Brewery ‘Plenty for All Pilsner’

How do you drink a Deer & Beer?

Drink half the beer. Rip the shot. Finish the beer.