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Javier Ramirez-Fonseca Bartending Jagermeister

Javier Ramirez-Fonseca

Cocktail Name: From Me to You 
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Javier's Spotify Playlist & Inspiration

The playlist represents me in person. I like everything and listen to everything from country to blues and trap rap! Anything that I like, I listen to no matter what it is. Also, from working around the city, I pick up certain songs from places I used to work and bring back memories of good times and great drinks. I hope this brings people together as good drinks do!

From Me to You 

Created by Javier Ramirez-Fonseca

Javier Ramirez-Fonseca cocktail From Me to You with Jagermeister

From Me To You


2 parts Jägermeister

1 part Lime Juice

½ part Liquid alchemist Orgeat

½ part Liquid alchemist Grenadine

Absinth rinse in coupe Glass

Glass: Coupe

Garnish: Lime peel, cherry

Method: To make you’ll start by adding the Jägermeister, lime juice, orgeat, and grenadine into a tin shaker. Afterword’s you’ll shake till mixed thoroughly. In the coupe glass, you’ll do about two sprays of absinthe or a light rinse of absinth and dump out—double strain cocktail into the coupe glass and garnish.

Inspiration: The Cocktail I made is one of my all-time favorites, a twist on a Daiquiri. I made this drink to show Jägermeister off, and my love for Daiquiris as well as I can share my story and love for this industry in one great cocktail. Living in Las Vegas, we see all kinds of people from all walks of life. In my opinion, everyone has a story to tell and share, and what’s a better way to kick it off than with Jägermeister Daiquiri. Celebrating and creating an excellent experience for people is our job; hospitality comes first, then drinks and stories. Treating people with 100% great hospitality goes a long way. I treat everyone the same, whether my local guest or someone from across the country here for a weekend; know your time will be spent well with me at my bar in Las Vegas.

Get to Know Javier Ramirez-Fonseca
Las Vegas, NV
 Las Vegas, NV

My name is Javier I live in Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada. I grew up in this industry as a kid of parents who owned a restaurant. Naturally, I started working there, so I stayed in food & beverage and worked my way up to bartender. I worked in craft cocktails most of the time and loved it. Creating cocktails for people is an amazing feeling. I am a lover of all spirits and daiquiris are my one true love. I enjoy traveling and tasting [culinary creations and libations] everywhere I go. The bartenders I’ve met along the way have become friends now and to think it all started with a drink. So, I raise a glass of Jägermeister and say “Danke schön.”

Javier's Tips & Tricks

For making this cocktail, you'll need ice-cold Jägermeister. It's simple, easy, and hassle-free for fast consuming and friendly building time. The Daiquiri is always my go-to base when making drinks on the fly for guests. It's versatile and straightforward when having excellent components, and it tastes amazing when it's a hot day, especially during a Vegas summer!

What Do You Love About Las Vegas?

The thing I love most about Vegas is that even though it’s a city, the bar community is much smaller and family-like. It’s a tight community of people that care about each other and help you when needed. Having friends is great but a family that has your back will always be better.