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Jayson Wilde Jagermeister

Jayson Wilde

San Francisco Bartender

What's Up All,

I am the Project Launch Manager for a Bar Group in San Francisco. I’ve managed award-winning bars in both San Francisco and San Diego, as well as own a bar in Sacramento where I got my start. I’m a huge advocate of extensive training of bar teams from entry-level to management positions.


I like to take a cocktail with me on hikes through the city and enjoy them when I reach my destination goal. The best way I've found to keep it cold without a Hydroflask is to fill a metal flask with the Urban Hiker cocktail, wrap it with a damp paper towel and place it in the freezer overnight. Before you walk out the door, throw the wrapped flask into a reusable ziplock bag and enjoy it at the best views!

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Inspired by Spring and Urban Hiking!

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Urban Hiker
 Urban Hiker


  • 1.25 Part Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee
  • 1.25 Part Santa Teresa 1796 Rum
  • .5 Part Passion Fruit Syrup


Stirred and poured in a rocks glass or directly into your hiking flask.


Orange twist if you put it in a glass.


Urban hiking has been an amazing way for me to learn more about what’s familiar and what’s new in San Francisco, while also getting my steps in and enjoying my time off. The best way to celebrate these adventures is by mixing the new Jägermeister Cold Brew with familiar tropical fruit and dark Rum.

Jayson's Tips & Tricks

Homemade Passion Fruit Syrup

  • 3 cups White Sugar
  • 1 cup Passion Fruit Puree
  • 1 cup Water


Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on low until fully incorporated. If Passion Fruit Puree is hard to come by, there are quite a few on the market. My favorites are Small Hand Foods and Liquid Alchemist. The Chinola Liqueur works great too and is shelf-stable!