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Jagermeister cocktail No Cities to Love

Lindsey Scheer

Cocktail Name: No Cities to Love
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Lindsey's Playlist Inspiration

Most of my cocktails' names are inspired by songs. It’s a great way to connect with guests because everyone feels cool when they pick up on a reference.  Many of the songs on this playlist have appeared on menus.  I am constantly making playlists for every occasion.  I had an iPod very early, and people were constantly asking to use it for their bars, so I still have playlists for all the hip Richmond bars from the ’00s. This playlist is a little all over the place. It’s pretty heavy on the ’90s and early 00’s indie and punk because that’s when I was in high school and college and getting into live music, but no Little Lindsey playlist would be complete without post-punk shoegaze, Janet Jackson, and a little disco/funk.

No Cities to Love

Created by Lindsey Scheer

Lindsey Scheer cocktail No Cities to Love

No Cities to Love

1 Part Jägermeister

1 Part Campari

2 dash Grapefruit Bitters

3 parts Club Soda

Glass: Collins


Fill a collins glass with ice, add one part Jägermeister, one part Campari, two dashes of grapefruit bitters, top with soda.  Garnish with orange zest.


We’re all incredibly excited to get back to live music.  Unless you’re especially lucky, most concert venues have overlooked cocktails because they need to make drinks FAST, especially during the set change. So I wanted to create a simple, easy-to-build, lower ABV cocktail that every bar should have the ingredients for.  So here we have a Jägermeister Americano.  Our cocktail name comes from the title track of Sleater-Kinney’s No Cities to Love.  Bands are as stoked to get back on the road as we are to see them, and there are so many cities to love.

Get to Know Lindsey Scheer
Richmond, VA
 Richmond, VA

During Covid, many people reevaluated what made them happy, and for Lindsey, it was time to get back to music.  Through her 20’s, Lindsey enjoyed spending time on the road tour managing, as well as promoting and booking concerts. She has worked in hospitality and events for nearly 20 years and was most recently the general manager and bar manager in one of the top restaurants. In 2019, she was awarded Bartender of the Year at Richmond’s restaurant awards, The Elby’s. Scheer is currently a venue manager for The Broadberry Entertainment Group in Richmond, Virginia. She can’t wait to get back to DJing New Wave with her partner James and Emo Night RVA. When not at a concert, you’ll likely find her at a drag show or drinking Jägermeister on Wednesdays at her neighborhood dive.

Lindsey's Tips & Tricks

This is a great drink to order at a busy bar or venue that might own a jigger but doesn’t actually know where it is.  Build in an ice-filled glass with one part Jägermeister and one part Campari, then top with soda.  If the bar has some grapefruit bitters or citrus zest great, toss it in there.  If not, it’s still going to be more delicious than your domestic draft beer.

What Does Hospitality Mean To You Lindsey?

When I’m working, all I want is for you to leave feeling good! That could mean me helping you find the cocktail you’ll actually enjoy.  Maybe it’s me giving you a high five for getting my cocktail name references.  It might mean getting the entire bar to do a conga line to Gloria Estefan at the last call. It’s never pretentious; it always sparks joy. Always welcome guests back, do whatever you can to return a guest’s lost phone, remember what they drink, get them home safe, and make them leave with a big ol’ grin.