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Melissa Zornes

Melissa Zornes

Melissa is originally from New York but got started in the industry when she moved to Nashville, where she was brought into the Hubertus Circle. She currently (safely) slings drinks in Chicago, when not in pursuit of finding the perfect quarantine hobby.

Nothing Less
 Nothing Less

When I was asked to make this cocktail, I realized that I wasn't nearly as educated about the women's suffrage movement as I’d like to be, so I got to reading. Nothing Less is named after the motto of The Revolution (a newspaper founded by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton): "The true republic: men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less”. It’s got a little funk from the rum with fall spice notes brought in with Jägermeister and some juice to help the two get along. I wanted to make something strong enough to instill a little liquid courage when needed, but mellow enough on the palate to sip with a book.

  • 1.5-part Jägermeister
  • .75-part Jamaican Rum
  • .75-part lemon juice
  • .5-part Pluot Syrup

Method: Shaken & served up

Tips and Tricks:
To make the Pluot Syrup, simply take 2 parts fresh Pluot slices (a hybrid fruit of plum and apricot), 1-part cane sugar, and 1-part water. Simmer on low for about 12 minutes and strain.
Best enjoyed while dismantling the patriarchy.


What’s your favorite vinyl record?

I've been listening to Fugees 'The Score" a lot lately. Killing Me Softly was my introduction to Lauryn Hill and I later found out that the edition of the album I own, came with a custom cocktail recipe that was written by one of the women in the industry that I admire greatly.

August 2020
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