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Mordecal morton

Mordecai Morton

Cocktail Name: Jägerblut
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Mordecai's Playlist Inspiration

For my playlist, I wanted to keep with the nostalgic theme I got going on. My cocktail gives off a lot of grungy, distorted vibes because of the color and acidity from the shrub, so I made a playlist of grungy, distorted songs that I listened to growing up because of my parents. My parents are quite young, so I like to believe we grew up together listening to these songs.


Created by Mordecai Morton

Jagerblut cocktail by Mordecai Morton


1 ½ parts Jägermeister

1 ½ parts Spiced Apple Shrub* (scroll down for recipe)

½ part lemon juice

½ part Grenadine

Garnish: Grenadine (“blood”) dipped apple slices

Method: shaken and strained over fresh ice

Glassware: rocks glass


October is my favorite month because of Halloween, fall time, and a whole lot of nostalgia. I also believe that apples are a superior fall flavor. From my mom’s apple pie to begging her to buy apple juice at the store to always getting a caramel apple whenever we went to a local pumpkin patch every fall, this month is all about apples to me. So I wanted to take this nostalgic flavor and introduce it to something I’ve never done before: make a shrub. The sweet acidity marries with Jäger in an even better way than I first imagined. The grenadine is there to make it look bloody and scary, hence the name translating to “Hunter’s Blood.”

Get to Know Mordecai Morton
Omaha, NE
 Omaha, NE

I’ve been in the bar industry for 5 years. I joined as soon as I legally could (19 in Nebraska) because my parents own several bars in our city and I thought it sounded cool. Well, I ended up falling in love with the industry, and being autistic that means it became my special interest and took over my entire life. I’ve attended Portland Cocktail Week, I was on Team Taco for SACC, I’m about to be at Bar 5-Day this January and Camp Runamok next fall, I own well over 100 bar-related books, I am a Certified Executive American Whiskey Steward and Certified Bourbon Professional, I’m currently working on becoming a Certified Whiskey Specialist, and I have several other programs and certifications on my radar. I’m currently the beverage director and head bartender at an Alice in Wonderland-inspired speakeasy.

Mordecai Morton's Tips & Tricks

To make the shrub:

Put equal parts (by volume) Fiji apple, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, whatever spices you choose (I chose 5 cloves, a split vanilla bean, and a cinnamon stick) and sugar in a mason jar, shake it up, and leave it to sit for a couple days refrigerated.

This recipe also works better with a homemade grenadine rather than the overly-sweet store-bought stuff. No shame if that’s what you choose, but my grenadine is just equal parts by weight sugar and pomegranate juice.

What Does Hospitality Mean To You Mordecai ?

For me, hospitality is more than just being friendly to your guests. It’s helping create great memories, making people feel safe with a good drink in their hand, running through the parking lot when someone leaves their phone, building a local culture with values. It’s more than reviews and more than winning competitions. Hospitality allows people to be human and create a space where everyone can be safe to just exist with no worries.