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Ryan Andrews

Ryan Andrews

Ryan Andrews started his career in hospitality and bartending in 2006 in San Francisco and Oakland before moving to San Diego in 2011. He is now a Bar manager for multiple highly regards venues in San Diego. Outside of the bar industry, he's an avid international traveler, scuba diver, and the founder of his own spirits company, Golden State Spirits.

Ryan's featured cocktail
Pass the Buck
 Pass the Buck

The name came almost instantly when I read the theme as it's a play on both a sports team and the iconography of the Stag of Jägermeister. I thought about what would be iconic for American sports and Jägermeister and simple enough to enjoy while grilling in the parking lot, ready to go into a game. Whether it be football, baseball, or my favorite, soccer...what's iconic Americana that's also great with Jägermeister? Root Beer. This drink requires no bar tools, no bar skills, but still embodies the spirit of Jägermeister and the spirit of American sports. Serve tall, serve many, enjoy the game!! Whenever the hell we get to enjoy that again. Prost!!

  • 1 part Jägermeister
  • ¼ part amaretto
  • 4 dash aromatic bitters
  • Topped with classic American Root Beer

Method: Build in Rocks glass on ice

Tips and Tricks:
I prefer to use root beer with real sugar instead of HFCS, so brands like Virgil's or the Whole Foods brand taste way better, in my opinion, and since this is a simple, quick mix, on-the-go cocktail, the root beer makes all the difference.


What is your favorite go-to flavors going into football season for cocktails?

"As an avid hater of all pumpkin spice, anything fall always has me cringing to see what the corporate world is about to unleash upon the world. It also reminds me of the other warm fall flavors like cherry apple, cinnamon, and allspice. I've always enjoyed the heavier spices in drinks, and fall is that time we start experimenting heavily with them."

September 2020
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