Ice Cold Pour
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To our industry family & friends: We hope you are safe and following the advice of the CDC, federal and local leaders to stay home, participate in social distancing, work remotely if you can, and self-quarantine to help minimize the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus.

As you all are very aware, our bars and restaurants are closing across the country for the foreseeable future. Those businesses employ a lot of service industry professionals that are now out of work across the US, from those that work solely by tips and others that work gig to gig. These individuals cannot work remotely in most instances and will need assistance shortly to stay afloat. Here are a few things you can do to help those people and businesses that I have seen so far:

  1. Buy gift cards as some bars & restaurants are using some of the money to pay their employees during this time.
  2. Search your favorite bars and restaurants on social media, as there are many Go-Fund-Me pages active right now.
  3. Support the local businesses, as some are still open for takeout, delivery & curbside pickup.

Hey all, build a new routine at home and fill that work time with fulfilling things that will take you out of that amazing bartending brain for a little while. Time to get creative and come together as a community & family. Finish that book, that song, that painting, and dive deep into your other creative passions. If you have been pushing off exercise, this is an amazing time to get started and get those endorphins going (see below from the Healthtender Amy War). This time will come to an end soon, so let’s take care of ourselves, our families, and friends, stay strong, be positive, and spread good vibes!