DEER & BEER 2020
Ice Cold Pour
Yazoo Daddy-O Pilsner Barrels

DEER & BEER 2020

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I had the amazing opportunity to carry on our 2019 Deer & Beer initiatives into 2020. I hit up a few more independent Craft Breweries, pairing great Craft beer with Jägermeister. We have extended our partnerships with Maui Brewing, Stone Brewing, J Wakefield Brewing, Lord Hobo Brewing. This year partnered with the amazing Yazoo Brewing in Nashville & Rhinegeist Brewing in Cincinnati. I enjoyed meeting and sharing multiple Deer & Beer moments with Lucas Hall, CEO & Founder of Yazoo & Cole Hackbarth, Director of Brewery Operations. Try a Yazoo Daddy-O Pilsner or Rhinegeist Cheetah lager with an Ice Cold Shot of Jägermeister.

Make sure to watch our videos with Yazoo and Rhinegeist! And check out this link to see all of the video content, pairings & conversations.
About Deer & Beer Rooted deep in the traditions of Germany is the brewing and consumption of beer and the production of Bitter Herbal Liqueurs.

Beer drinking goes as far back as early BC, but in 1100AD, a Benedictine Abbess named Hildegard of Bingeon had some advice for the Germanic people of the time. Drink more beer as the water was very contaminated. She was also a writer and had multiple works on how medicinal plants work to cure sicknesses in the human body. Some say that her studies and works are the origins of German Krauterlikor in Germany from a medicinal origin.

In the early 1980s, Craft beer began to gain popularity in the beer world here in the USA. Some call it the decade of Microbrews. Pioneering companies with their vision and passion began to serve their local communities with crafted full-flavored beer with old-world traditions and processes.

Gaining popularity in the US right alongside was a German Krauterlikor that entered New Orleans in the early ’80s called Jägermeister. It quickly gained huge popularity in the local community as an industry celebratory shot. A pioneer and innovator named Sidney Frank noticed and saw something special about the brand.

Craft beer in the US & Jägermeister grew alongside each other for many years. Hence, it only makes sense to celebrate the shot & a beer occasion with 3 top craft beers and a shot of Jägermeister Krauterlikor.

Like Jägermeister, Craft beer is an art form and is about showcasing and highlighting its ingredients at their very best. The flavor combinations of a shot of Jägermeister with a well-made independent craft beer is a beautiful experience and harmony of flavors.

We no longer live in a country that is afraid of flavor. Combine your favorite beer style with an ice-cold shot of Jägermeister, and join us for a Deer & a Beer.

The Deer & Beer is inspired by the age-old tradition of enjoying a shot of ice-cold Jägermeister with a beer of your choice. We recommend an independent craft beer like Yazoo Brewing of Nashville or Rhinegeist Brewing in Cincinnati. In 2019 we kicked off a campaign to celebrate the age-old tradition, and we partnered with 5 amazing independent craft breweries in the US. Maui Brewing, J Wakefield Brewing, Stone Brewing, Oskar Blues & Lord Hobo Brewing. The independent piece is critical to us as we are also an independent family-owned company. The versatility of Jägermeister lends itself to be enjoyed by almost all beer styles, but of course, we had to choose the best in collaboration with our craft beer partners. This year in 2020, we have partnered with two more craft breweries that we feel make incredible beer and pair with Jägermeister and people who are cut from a similar cloth.