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Chef Justin Huffman

Chef Justin Huffman

Jägermeister Bordelaise BBQ Chicken

This dish comes from my love of Texas BBQ and French cuisine and proves they can absolutely work together. I love all the BBQ in Austin, and it's such a driving force in the culinary scene in Texas. At Justine's, Pierre is one-half of the genius husband and wife team that own the restaurant. I've worked at Justine's off and on for years, and Pierre and I have always speculated that a real Texas-style BBQ place would kill in Paris. I'm sure some folks would complain about the smoke in the middle of Paris until they taste some rad BBQ. The addition of Jägermeister in Bordelaise sauce just makes sense to me. Its herbal notes really take the sauce to a whole new level and add insane flavor to the smoky Chicken and spicy-sweet brine. I use a digital smoker, and I guess some people think that might be cheating. I totally don't care. I'm just busy—all the time. A digital smoker really does make a perfectly smoked chicken every time. Best $300 bucks I've spent in a while. I would serve this with a ton of herbs and crispy potatoes, but honestly, the Chicken speaks for itself.

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  • The Smokin Boulevardier Paired By Willy Shine!
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Chef Justin Huffman

Jägermeister Bordelaise BBQ Chicken

Chef Justin huffman Jägermeister Bordelaise BBQ Chicken

Willy Shine's Cocktail Pairing

Smokin Boulevardier

Willy Shine Smokin Boulevardier cocktail

Photo by Nate Laird @jagerlifeatx

Willy's Cocktail Inspiration


From the beginning of my career, Chefs and their food have always inspired me with flavor combinations, textures, as well as their origins & cultures. Austin, Texas, is a fantastic city with so much to offer. From the people to the food, the cocktails, the music & culture. Austin rules at keeping it weird!

The dish that Chef created, combining French techniques with local Austin BBQ, inspired me to create the Smokin Boulevardier. The Jägermeister and the Bourbon set the stage and foundation of a fantastic pairing. The Bourbon adds the smokey whiskey notes with Jägermeister adding some botanical flavors and some texture. I used French sweet vermouth to bring in the French cooking style with a dash of BBQ bitters to bring it all together. But it doesn't end there. To top it all off I, smoked the cocktail with some wood chips using the smoke top so the smoke would linger over the top of the cocktail. This pairing is absolute fire! Immense respect to Chef and Much love as always!! Please enjoy!


Name: Smokin Boulevardier

  • 1 part Jägermeister
  • 1 part Bourbon
  • 1 Part Dolin Rouge
  • 1 Dash BBQ bitters

Garnish: Dehydrated orange wheel

Glass: Old Fashioned

Ice: big cube

Method: Build in glass stir for dilution and temperature. Smoke the glass, garnish and serve.


Willy's Tips & Tricks:

Smoking a cocktail:

There are many ways to smoke a cocktail or add smoke to a cocktail.

  • Smoke ice: add ice to a Ziploc, add the smoke seal and keep in the freezer for a few hours.
  • Light a board and place glass over the top to capture the smoke.
  • Smoke herbs like rosemary or thyme
  • Smoke spices like cinnamon sticks
  • I used the Smoke Top because it adds a good balance of aesthetic and smoke to the cocktail itself. The smoke doesn't dissipate as quickly as other applications.

Vermouth: Keep it in the fridge as it's aromatized wine and will go bad.


Video by Nate Laird @jagerlifeatx

Get To Know
Chef Justin Huffman
Chef Justin Huffman

Justin Huffman has a background in French, Japanese, and California Cuisine. He has worked at restaurants in Austin, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles. He’s also done pop-ups across the United States and cooked for wine makers in France and Spain. Some of the restaurants he’s worked at include Uchi, Justine’s, Contigo, and Kronnerburger. He’s currently the Executive Chef at Justin’s Brasserie in Austin Texas and runs a burger pop-up called Le Beef Burgers and Natural Wine. He’s in love with his wife Nicole and his dog Ellie Roxie.

Brand Meister Mast-Jägermeister
Willy Shine
Willy Shine

Willy Shine began his career in Boston, MA, in the ’90s and had been pioneering the craft of Bartending for over 25 years and is keen on all styles. He cut his teeth in Nantucket Island & Aspen, Colorado, and soon made his way to NYC, where he quickly made a name for himself in the bartending community. Willy has worn many hats in the industry as an accomplished bartender, hospitality consultant, and educator. He has consulted on bar development, beverage programs, festivals. He has worked in some of the most prestigious establishments in the U.S. He has a passion for educating and paying forward the wisdom and knowledge that has been bestowed upon him throughout his career. Since 2015 Willy has served as the Brand Meister for Mast-Jägermeister US. He is an industry expert and educator who has had the opportunity to travel the globe to see, touch, smell, and taste some of the most well-made cocktails and spirits in the world.