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Kitchen 56 is about creating the heart of the house and bringing a chef's cuisine and a mixologist's cocktails together, creating masterful pairings. This month, we visit Atlanta, GA, a city exploding in culture, food & beverage, hospitality, and fantastic industry talent. We introduced Chef Twee to renowned bartender Brooke Elrod. Both are passionate, talented industry veterans who love what they do and absolutely love where they live. We asked Chef to create a dish inspired by and representing Atlanta. We also requested Brooke to make a cocktail to pair with Chef's dish, inspired by the city she loves.

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  • Chef Twee's amazing recipe!
  • Cocktail by Brooke Elrod!
  • How To Video by our very own Nate Laird!

Chef Twee


Chef Twee Atlanta Spicy Tuna Tartare Recipe

What was the inspiration behind this fantastic dish, and how did you incorporate Jägermeister in the dish?

My inspiration behind this recipe is from cooking and making sushi for years. I am motivated to create flavors & ingredients that blend with one another. I love creating simple food that I love to eat. Who would ever think that Jägermeister could be a delicious dipping sauce for such a delicate tuna dish? I was up for the challenge, and making beautiful and tasty food was something I was put here for. My Asian cooking background is always something I am comfortable doing. 

The blend of so many spices fits the need for my special smoked garlic Jägermeister soy sauce. It balances the flavors by cutting through all the salt and adding a bit of spice into the smoked soy sauce. The licorice flavor makes the smokiness of the sauce balance with the sweetness. Tuna tastes so much better with the flavor balance. This sauce is added to my Tuna Tartare and served on the side as a dipping sauce for the Tuna Sashimi. 

What do you love the most about the city?

This city is so diverse in food, culture, & living. There are so many different and amazing restaurants beyond anything I know. The fact that I can always count on a good plate here makes me never want to leave. This city has so many opportunities and room to grow even bigger. Atlanta is also historic in food culture & city development. There’s always something exciting happening in the city. 

Brooke Elrod Cocktail Pairing

Georgia Smok'n Peach

Jagermeister Georgia Smok'n Peach

Photo by Nate Laird @jagerlifeatx

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind your creation?

Georgia is known for its southern hospitality and a strong sense of community and family. From small family backyard gatherings to outdoor cookouts that are filled with soul. Grilling the peaches for my purée compliments the Smokey elements in the Jägermeister soy sauce. The Herbal components complement well with the fresh fruit-farm-to-table taste in this cocktail. The bourbon rounds out the Smokey elements with hints of vanilla and hickory. I topped it off with hibiscus ginger beer to create that extra crisp, refreshing palate cleansing finish.

Cocktail Name: Georgia Smok’n Peach


  • 1 part Jägermeister
  • 1 part Bourbon
  • 2 dashes fee brothers peach bitters
  • 1 part smoked peach puree
  • 1/2 part lemon juice
  • Top with Q hibiscus ginger beer

Garnish: Grilled peach

Glass: Highball

Method: Take all the ingredients besides hibiscus ginger beer, combine them into a shaker and shake. Strain and add ice to Collins glass top with hibiscus ginger beer. Garnish with a grilled peach slice.

Grab Your Tools & let's Make It Together!

Video by Nate Laird @jagerlifeatx

Get To Know
Chef Twee
Chef Twee

My name is Thuy Nguyen (Twee), and I am an underground chef. I learned all my cooking from my parents and from traveling around the world with the opportunity of being a professional Judo athlete. I am now a retired Judo athlete & I bartend part-time. But really, I am a chef to all. I mainly focus on exotic sushi & private Omakases for a living. 

Get To Know
Bartender Brooke Elrod
Bartender Brooke Elrod

It’s crazy to think it's been 9 years since my first shift behind the bar in the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, when I was 21. I’ve always prioritized living in cities where music and art are the centerpieces of the community. As fate would have it, when I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, 5 years ago, I fell deeply in love with the artistic expressions that have elevated our beloved craft as bartenders through cocktails. You can catch me behind the bar in Inman park, combing funky new-age cocktails with just a touch of old-school flair or slinging drinks at one of Atlanta’s notable high-volume speakeasies in Buckhead.

Tips & Tricks

Smoked Peach Puree

  • Take 4 peaches slice and smoke on the grill until peaches become soft and caramelized.
  • Add 1 cup of sugar to equal parts boiling water.
  • Once sugar is dissolved add in peaches and blend until liquified purée.
  • Double strain the peach skin fibers out.
  • Store in the fridge for use.