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Chef Adam Fischer and Bartender Brian McCulloch

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Kitchen 56 is about creating the heart of the house and bringing a chef's cuisine and a mixologist's cocktails together, creating masterful pairings. This month, we visit Minneapolis, MN, a city exploding in culture, food & beverage, hospitality, and fantastic industry talent. Renowned Chef Adam Fischer is a passionate, talented industry veteran who loves what he does and loves his city. We asked Chef to create a dish inspired by and representing his city. We also requested Minneapolis Bartender Brian McCulloch to create and pair a cocktail inspired by his town and Adam Fischer's dish.

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  • Chef Adam Fischer's fantastic recipe!
  • Cocktail pairing by bartender Brian McCulloch!

Chef Adam Fischer


BTS KITCHEN56 Minneapolis 2023
Cold Brew Braised Lamb Shanks

What was the inspiration behind this fantastic dish, and how did you incorporate Jägermeister?

My philosophy is simple; serve good food to hungry humans and send them home happy and full. Simple food made with love, great service in an inviting atmosphere, and a warming drink with loving company are what we look forward to getting us through the long cold winters here in the Cities. This dish embodies the hearty warmth of flavors that we Minnesotans have come to associate with winter. Most of us Minnesotans grew up eating pot roast, red bean chili, Swedish meatballs, and Tater Tot Hotdish as our winter comfort dishes. This addition to that list will leave anyone more than satisfied on a blustery St. Paul night. I used Jägermeister Cold Brew to bring out not just the hard spices that I often love to pair with lamb, but its chocolate and coffee after-tones, which are extra rich and comforting.

Jägermeister Cold Brew was a surprisingly delicious addition to my go-to winter dish. Braised anything this time of year brings me great comfort through the cold winter months. I love the coffee finish left on the pallet after reducing the jus. I feel like people like warming up with a shot of Jag, and this dish gives you just enough of that classic Jag flavor.

What do you love the most about the city?

The cities have been home almost all of my life. In the last 15 years, we have become a mecca for amazing food and music. The harsh seasons here provide amazing changes in how we eat and our lifestyles as a whole. In the summer months, we take every opportunity to get outside to fish, play frisbee golf, and soak up outdoor music. We cozy up in small clubs in the winter and enjoy meals with our close ones. The sense if the community really is palpable here in the cities

Cocktail Pairing

Hunter's Apfelkuchen

Hunter's Apfelkuchen

Photo by Nate Laird

The inspiration behind the cocktail creation.

It's cold in Minnesota, Very Cold. This is a nice go-to for a Winter Warmer. Something to sip on while ice fishing, fresh off the ski lift, or after the wonderful task of shoveling snow. You could also make a batch and take it to the deer stand.

Cocktail Name: Hunter's Apfelkuchen


  • 2 part Jägermeister
  • 12-part Hot apple cider
  • Float Berentzen Apple Liqueur
  • Vanilla-infused whipped cream
  • Grated nutmeg
  • Cinnamon stick

Tips and Tricks:

Add 1/4 part Berentzen and 2 drops of vanilla extract to heavy cream and shake vigorously to "whip."

Let's Make It Together!

Video By Nate Laird

What do you love most about your city?

The Twin Cities are full of great people, activities, and a pretty awesome food scene. Although it is cold in the Winter, Spring and Summer, come alive! There is almost too much going on, from fairs and festivals to concerts and various outdoor activities with all the lakes and forests. The Twin Cities is a great place to live.

Brian McCulloch

Get To Know
Chef Adam Fischer
Chef Adam Fischer

By the time I was old enough to work my first real kitchen job, my brother had been navigating the culinary world for quite a few years. He convinced me to come to help him with a Mother’s Day brunch at the country club he was at, and I immediately seemed to fit into the world of food. After several years there, I began my journey through many awesome twin city restaurants; mostly farm-to-table, organic, BBQ, and French fine dining establishments. I learned the importance of local sourcing and quality ingredients and how incredibly satisfying a really good Reuben can be. Today, I use my resources to create unassuming, quality dishes that I would want to eat with loved ones while having a night on the town. Good, simple food can be the catalyst to the most wonderful memories in your life, as a good meal becomes great when it is shared with the people you love most. At my new home, Dark Horse, this is the ambiance we are trying to create. I find myself in a welcoming, fun tavern with approachable food, cribbage boards everywhere you look, and a “bar” owner that wants to hear every guest's story (as he beats them at cribbage). This is exactly where I want to be as a Twin Cities Chef. You'll find me enjoying the great outdoors when I can enjoy time outside of the kitchen. Whether traveling the world with my wife, Morgan, playing frisbee golf, foraging or picking bluegrass tunes with my band, I love being in nature and meeting new people.

Get To Know
Bartender Brian McCulloch
Bartender Brian McCulloch

I was born in Japan and grew up in California and Oregon. I began bartending in Portland, Oregon, in 1996. I've worked in various bars, from clubs to fine dining to Tiki. I enjoy making approachable cocktails.