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Kitchen 56 is about creating the heart of the house and bringing a chef's cuisine and a mixologist's cocktails together, creating masterful pairings. This month, we visit Phoenix, AZ, a city exploding in culture, food & beverage, hospitality, and fantastic industry talent. Renowned Chef Adam Allison is a passionate, talented industry veteran who loves what he does and absolutely loves his city. We asked Chef to create a dish inspired by and representing where he lives.

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Chef Adam Allison


Pollo Del sol Jägermeister and Sarsparilla glazed grilled chicken leg with warm elite potato salad and mole with Jägermeister Cold brew coffee

What was the inspiration behind this fantastic dish, and how did you incorporate Jägermeister in the dish?

In September, it starts cooling down, and I start grilling outside. This recipe is like summer meets fall. You still have the summer flavors of the corn from the salad and the grilled bbq chicken. You also have the dark earthy flavors of fall from the chicken glaze and the mole. I wanted to do something still back yard bbq but also incorporate the flavors you see in Arizona, like Mexican street corn and mole.  

The sarsaparilla and the Jägermeister combined to make a fabulous glaze with almost a bbq-like sweetness. It goes great with a rich, warm potato salad. The mole works excellent with  Jägermeister Cold Brew because some moles call for coffee in the recipe, adding a little extra flavor. 

What do you love the most about the city?

I love my city because I love the people in it. I love the community of industry people are so supportive of each other and want only success. You get a lot of transplants here, so it makes for this giant melting pot of culture and food.

Cocktail Pairing

Sun Time, Fun Time Sparkling Lemonade

The inspiration behind the cocktail creation.

The state drink of AZ is Lemonade, and with Chef's amazing dish, we took both as inspiration to create the Sun Time Fun Time Pairing.

Cocktail Name: Sun Time Fun Time Sparkling Lemonade


      • 1/2 part Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee
      • 1 part Teremana Blanco
      • 3/4 part Lemon Juice
      • 3/4 part Agave Nectar
      • 3 part Mineral Water

      Garnish: Garnish with a lemon wheel

        Glass: Highball/ Collins glass

        Method: Shake and strain everything but the mineral water & Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee over fresh ice, add mineral water & float Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee, garnish and serve.

        Get To Know
        Chef Adam Allison
        Chef Adam Allison

        Adam Allison is an award-winning chef who currently owns and operates Handlebar Diner in Mesa and Brightside Burgers in Gilbert. He is a Food Network Chopped Champion and has been featured on many national and local tv shows and magazines. He has cooked and catered across the country, including the Super Bowl for the last six years with Guy Fieri and Aaron may, the Masters, Southbeach Food and Wine, and McDowell Mountain Music Festival.