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The First-Ever Virtually Held Gallery Event!

As a result of Covid-19, Compound was on the verge of closing. Compound, an N.Y.-based art gallery, and the creative agency were responsible for the success of several artists & creative minds, specifical artists of color.

Setfree Richardson, founder and creative director of space, came up with an inspired solution to save the Compound- Bring events virtual.  He worked with DOTDOT dash to make his idea come to life. Together, they could rebuild the gallery in 3D .. complete with a VIP room and welcome area.

Due to a previously-established relationship with SetFree and Compound and an existing campaign called #SaveTheNight, Jägermeister served as an ideal official sponsor of The Art of Protest.

Art of protest gallery

The first show was to happen right in the middle of the BLM movement,  

So SetFree decided to develop a virtual gallery experience that showcased Black and Latinx photographers' work that had captured protest imagery all over the U.S. The gallery unveiled at "The Art of Protest" virtual event on July 17th, 2020

The Art of Protest exhibition showcased photos by several artists, including notable artists: Roc Nation's Lenny S. and Young Guru. With the powerful protest imagery serving as a backdrop, Set Free hosted a series of conversations with the photographers about their art, the protests, systemic racism, and personal experiences.  The event opened and closed with a special guest speaker and a live performer. During the event, a limited run of prints was available for sale. A portion of the proceeds was contributed to Black Artist Fund, which collects donations to directly benefit individual black artists and black art organizations across the U.S.

Set Free Richardson
 Set Free Richardson

Jägermeister is committed to supporting Set Free and the Compound space in 2021 under their #savethenight campaign. There are several virtual shows planned.  Follow @jagermeisterusa to keep abreast of the dates.

February 2021
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