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Bad Ass Women of Save The Night


The #savethenight platform was created to highlight and support Artists, Bartenders, DJs, and the entire nightlife community affected by COVID-19.

Throughout the #SaveTheNight campaign, Jägermeister has collaborated with many inspirational and talented women across different platforms, of different backgrounds, and from all different stages of their careers to bring some exciting projects to fruition. Allow us to introduce you to four of them.



A native of Washington, D.C., but currently residing in Brooklyn, Yetunde is an artist who has collaborated with Jägermeister on creating some amazing pieces of artwork for #SaveTheNight.

As a creative, she often finds herself painting, knitting, sewing, or tufting throughout her day, usually while drinking a shot of Jägermeister straight out of the freezer. This past year, Yetunde even started an art house with some friends in Brooklyn called SLACHOUZ. The art-house, which functions as a residence, studio, and production space, is like Andy Warhol's silver factory but more so for artists of color.

To check out Yetunde and her artwork, check her out @ye.sap!

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Meet Some Very Talented Women!

Zelly Vibes

A Meister located in Las Vegas, Zelly is an amazing singer-songwriter who creates HipHop, Latin, and RnB Spanglish Music.
Not only has she collaborated with Jägermeister in music creation for #SaveTheNight, but she has also played a role in content creation, events and has most recently won the Jägermeister x Garage. Learning scholarship! Being a Meister for a few years now, Zelly has grown to love quite a few Jägermeister drinks, but she always resorts back to her favorites – the Berlin Mule or a late-night Jägermeister bomb.

To catch up with Zelly, check her out at @ZellyVibes!

Zelly Vibes

Imani Simmons

Imani, and her brand Simmons Unlimited, has a proven track record of success and a reputation for delivering professional, world-class event experiences while facilitating all facets of event production. A total female badass, she specializes in brand activations, event production, and talent management. Working with brands such as Jägermeister, Puma, SXSW, Empire, and more, Imani is always leading the way to the perfect event execution. Under #SaveTheNight, Imani participated in Jägermeister Drop-Ins and created some amazing content to be shared on a global scale. When she is not working endlessly, you can find her sipping on an ice-cold Mini Meister threw a straw (don’t judge her) or drinking a Thai Tea Cocktail.

Be sure to check her out at @ImanikSimmons!

Immani K Simmons

Melissa Munger

A rising artist from New Jersey, Melissa has created multiple projects for Jägermeister for #SaveTheNight that are used globally. What does she do you might ask? Melissa does it all! Painting, customizing clothes, taking pictures, directing and filming music videos, graphic design, and now wants to start working on her animation skills. Being a huge fan of Jägermeister Cold Brew, Melissa loves adding a shot or two to her iced coffee while bringing her designs to life. Realizing the power of her art, Melissa often has her story and character of first-generation immigrants, single-parent families, and the LGBTQ+ communities on display in her creations. Want to check out some of the items Melissa has created?

Give her a follow her at @MelissaMunger!

Melissa Munger

August 2021
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