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The Lesbian Bar Project


Jägermeister helped raise awareness & funds to save the last 15 lesbian bars around the country. The donation went directly to the charitable organization, Fractured Atlas to support the PSA production and the build-out of their webpage and to support the 15 bars.

“There were an estimated 200 lesbian bars in the U.S. in the 1980s, but the past few decades have been grim for these queer safe spaces. In 2020, a year that’s been devastating to all bars across the country, fewer than 20 lesbian bars are still open.

“Jägermeister aimed to raise awareness for the remaining 15 lesbian bars in the U.S. and called on people to keep them from shuttering during the pandemic with a new online campaign and video PSA. Jägermeister partnered with filmmakers for an initiative called the Lesbian Bar Project, which kicked off with a 90-second public service video highlighting the importance of spaces that have welcomed marginalized groups, including lesbians, non-binary people, and trans men.” Adweek Article

January 2021
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