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Tour Las Vegas with Coco Jenkins

Tour Las Vegas with Coco Jenkins

There's Nothing To Do in Vegas

Hey Coco, what is “There’s Nothing to do in Vegas” @NothingtodoLV.  How did you come up with the idea for the page, and how long has it been going?       

While some people still didn’t know about the creative community in Vegas 5 years ago, it was still somewhat challenging to discover. 10+ years ago, most people would literally state, “There’s nothing to do in Vegas.” It drove me crazy since I knew that it wasn’t true, but there also wasn’t one central location where folks could find that type of information. As the bass player of my band, Rhyme N Rhythm, I would write Facebook posts listing all of our shows AND other cool events I knew happening throughout the week. Then I started the IG page to share that info outside of my circle. The page has grown organically by word of mouth.

Coco Jenkins

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    There's Nothing To Do in Vegas

    w/ CoCo Jenkins

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    You’re very active and supportive of the Las Vegas Creative community, which has a lot of diversity.  What are some highlights of the Las Vegas creative scene that most are unaware of?

    • High-level dance battles at Ninja Karaoke on First Friday
    • Weekly bike rides (open to all wheels) - tap in with @rideonlv to find out when you can roll out with anywhere from 30 -- 300 people.
    • Vegas alleyways and walls are filled with some amazing street art 
    • Our very active rockabilly/vintage car & clothing scene 
    • A beautiful memorial garden dedicated to the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival 

    Most visitors just know the strip or Fremont St.  Given the growing creative scene, what’s a must-do in Las Vegas to experience it all? 

    Any weekend in Vegas will be a fun one, but creatives, artists, and anyone looking for anything off-strip will get a #VegasCulture 101 crash course during @firstfridaylv. First Friday is a monthly gathering that celebrates art, music, dance, food, and people in the heart of the Arts District. Rent a Koto Bike (@ridekotobike) electric scooter to cruise the whole FF footprint in a few hours. Make sure to slow down and check out vendors and artists showcasing and selling original artwork, jewelry, and more if you want an even more intimate experience, head inside the world-famous Arts Factory, a maze of art studios, galleries, and even a beautiful bar and patio. End your night at one of several unique after-parties that range from many genres--house, punk, reggae, hip-hop, all within a mile of each other.    

    What are some must-do spots to see in the arts district?  Any suggestions on eating, drinking, and shopping?

    Eat: Esther’s Kitchen - two words - handmade pasta
    Makers & Finders - come here for a quick coffee, pick me up...or stay and hang out for a while
    Cream Me Ice Creamery - it’s about time we got a downtown dessert spot, and Cream Me does NOT disappoint
    Recycled Propaganda - socially conscious artwork, apparel, and more in one unique space    

    Where can people find out more and what’s happening in Las Vegas?  

    Always check There’s Nothing to do in Vegas (@nothingtodolv) for the pulse on what’s happening in Vegas. Feel free to message any specific questions directly. We are tapped in with many scenes in and out of the arts district, and there is something for everyone!

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

    Meet Coco Jenkins


    Coco jenkins in clouds

    CoCo Jenkins wears many hats as a musician, educator, community builder, vibe checker, and full-time fun timer, but she was called in specifically as the creator of There's Nothing to do in Vegas. Fully functional on Instagram, There's Nothing to do in Vegas aka @nothingtodoLV serves as a central hub to finding all things extremely cool and sometimes under the radar in Las Vegas. Her love and diverse knowledge of music, art, subculture, and humans is harnessed into a one stop shop, to not only help people "find events and cool things to do", but to help people find and connect with each other. You can find CoCo cruising DTLV on her bicycle, checking out new bands, or performing on stage herself.

    January 2022
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