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Tour Minneapolis with Christin Johnson

The Best Nights section will take you on a local’s tour through the eyes and personal experiences of artists, photographers, bloggers, musicians, etc., showcased in a different city every month. In February, we tour Minneapolis, MN, with Christin Johnson, and she shows us how to have the best nights of our lives in her favorite neighborhood.

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    Tour of Minneapolis, MN

    Christin Johnson

    Tell us about your journey through the hospitality industry.

    My first jobs in the Hospitality industry included waitressing at a couple of different restaurants right out of high school. After that, I started working part-time jobs at bars and nightclubs in downtown Minneapolis. I really enjoyed working in a fast pace environment while also getting to be social at the same time. I would say the first job in the hospitality industry that brought me where I am today was when I discovered promotional modeling/brand ambassador work for various alcohol brands in the Minneapolis market. That part-time gig led me to interview to become the MN/ND/SD state supervisor for All State Promotions, where I ran the promo models for Jäger and all of Sidney Frank’s brands for 8 years. Following that, I started my own promotional staffing business, Modern Talent, and I’m excited to say we just hit our 10-year anniversary. I love being part of the hospitality industry and can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

    If you only had one day to spend in your city, what are the top 5 things you must see or do?

    1) Boutique fitness gyms throughout the North Loop. There are a ton of options, and all of them are great, depending on your style. With the weather being a bit colder here in the winter, people still like to stay active, so there is always good energy and vibe at the classes.

    2) No visit to Minneapolis is complete without a visit to one of our many parks. And yes, even in February, people are outside here; there is no such thing as better weather, just bad clothing. One of my favorites is Theodore Wirth Park, which is really well-known for Cross Country Skiing. It is just west of downtown, so an easy drive or a quick rideshare away. You can rent equipment there and try it out for yourself for the day! We are also known as the “City of Lakes,” so riding a bike around the lakes on the bike paths during the summer is relaxing.

    Minneapolis landscape

    3) No trip to Minneapolis is complete without checking out our live music scene. The Armory downtown is one of my personal favorites. It is an old building(Once the most expensive in the State of MN) that has quite a storied history. It has fairly recently been completely renovated to its old glory and holds many great shows throughout the year.

    Cross country skiing in Minneapolis

    4) We have a great local food culture here, and some fantastic farmers' markets come with that. There are many around, but my two favorites are the market west of Downtown Minneapolis and the market in Downtown St. Paul. Don’t overlook the cheese selection; we are in the midwest!

    Minneapolis farmers market with fruits and vegetables

    5) Last but certainly, not least is the restaurant scene. We have plenty of well-known restaurants and chefs in the city, and they are all worth a visit!

    Tell us about your first experience with Jägermeister and your favorite way to consume it today.

    I started drinking Jäger back during the “Jäger Bomb” craze. I was in my early 20s; that was all we did as shots on nights out.

    Today, my husband and I love traveling and exploring different countries. We have a ritual of taking Jäger shots together straight chilled wherever we find ourselves. Jägermeister is known worldwide and is always available.

    My first experience with Jägermeister was at a local dive bar several years ago! I was new to the world of Amari when I moved back to California, and let’s say, taking a full shot of it was quite a shock to my system! But I was intrigued… I liked the herbal/floral taste and was drawn to the packaging as an artist… learning the history behind each detail on the label was intriguing. Today, I love to enjoy Jägermeister, usually mixed into a cocktail — either a good flip to smooth out the bitter notes with a creamy finish or a full-on lean into the herbaceous nature of the spirit with a Negroni or Manhattan. Today you’ll find me enjoying it with the bartenders across from me, raising a glass to the tenacity of an industry that’s weathered much change and challenges over the last few years.

    Tell us how to have the ‘Best Night of your Life’ in your city from your perspective.

    A great night in the city starts for me with a great dinner with friends. There are so many places to go, but I tend to gravitate towards the North Loop, as there are many options, and it is easily accessible from all over the metro. I would follow that up with some live music in the city, and we have plenty of venues for that, including The Armory, First Avenue, and Target center, all downtown. I would finish the night by heading to Northeast and find myself at one of the “Old School” bars in town. The neighborhood is known for its arts district but has a great mix of people from all over the city who enjoy its various eclectic bars!

    Christin Johnson sitting in glass chair with pink background

    Get To Know

    Christin Johnson

    Christin's career in the promotions industry started in 2005 when she was hired as the Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota State Supervisor for All-State Promotions, the sister company to Sidney Frank Importing. She ran all the promotional talent for Sidney Frank's brands for eight years until their talent-hiring structure changed in 2012. In 2013, Modern Talent was born, and Jägermeister, Sidney Frank’s largest brand, was her first client.

    The company has come a long way in the last nine years, and Christin is extremely dedicated to its success. She continues to set big goals and has high hopes for the future of Modern Talent.

    Another huge passion in Christin’s life is dog rescue. She volunteers her time on the event committee for Safe Hands Rescue. It’s important for her to feel like she’s making a difference and saving dogs' lives, and it motivates her to keep helping more abused and neglected animals. Christin and her husband Jay have two pups of their own, who they treat like children and spoil daily!

    February 2023
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