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Tour Sacramento with Anna Wick

The Best Nights section will take you on a local’s tour through the eyes and personal experiences of artists, photographers, bloggers, musicians, etc., showcased in a different city every month. In January, we tour Sacramento, CA, with Anna Wick, and she shows us how to have the best nights of our lives in her favorite neighborhood.

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    Tour of Sacramento, CA

    Anna Wick

    Anna Wick holding camera in a pose

    Tell us about your journey through the hospitality industry.

    I began in this industry as a dishwasher at a tiny little French Bistro and a beer tender at a craft brewery in Stevensville, Montana. I was a young single mom and didn’t have any previous work experience to apply for much else… it was a major learning curve for me since I was previously only a stay-at-home Mom. But the comradery aspect of the hospitality industry back of the house and simultaneously making friendly connections beer tending fueled my desire to jump in deeper and explore work possibilities in this new-to-me world. After a couple of months to be closer to family, I jumped back to Roseville, CA, and committed to working just one-full time job as a line cook at a Belgian-style brewery and pub. I practiced taking photos on my DSLR at the time and started assisting with their social media posts, as well as getting involved on the brewery side and assisting the brewer in the cellar and brewhouse. One thing led to another, and I started sales for them next, which led to my introduction to many of the people and places I still work with present-day as an Industry Photographer. After a couple of years of being a full-time sales rep within the craft beer community of Northern California, I decided to explore my more creative side in-depth and launched my photography business. This allowed me to still connect and work with the industry, but in a much more artistic capacity.

    If you only had one day to spend in your city, what are the top 5 things you must see or do?

    If I only had one day to spend in Sacramento? That’s a tough answer because Sacramento has so many things to do! Top 5 things… I’d start with enjoying the walkable and bike-able neighborhoods and parks around town — from Oak Park to mid-town, East Sacramento, and Old Town… you haven’t truly experienced the spirit of Sacramento if you haven’t walked across Tower Bridge and watched the boats coming up the Sacramento River! Catching a ballgame on a vibrant summer night at Raley’s Field and walking to local breweries and wine bars close by are magical. Immersing oneself in a 2+ hour wander of Crocker Art to take in California heritage history and new displays always bring fresh creativity to me. Walking through DOCO to attend a basketball game or concert at the Golden 1 Center really helps cement the hometown pride for our City of Trees.

    Anna Wick Sacramento

    Tell us about your first experience with Jägermeister and your favorite way to consume it today.

    My first experience with Jägermeister was at a local dive bar several years ago! I was new to the world of Amari when I moved back to California, and let’s say, taking a full shot of it was quite a shock to my system! But I was intrigued… I liked the herbal/floral taste and was drawn to the packaging as an artist… learning the history behind each detail on the label was intriguing. Today, I love to enjoy Jägermeister, usually mixed into a cocktail — either a good flip to smooth out the bitter notes with a creamy finish or a full-on lean into the herbaceous nature of the spirit with a Negroni or Manhattan. Today you’ll find me enjoying it with the bartenders across from me, raising a glass to the tenacity of an industry that’s weathered much change and challenges over the last few years.

    Tell us how to have the ‘Best Night of your Life’ in your city from your perspective.

    When I’m ready to turn it up for an evening, I will most frequently hop over to R Street Corridor, where I’m sure to see familiar bartenders and faces of the industry at each stop. It’s also easy to make new friends as I belly up to the bar, enjoying a craft cocktail or chilled sipper under the light of a disco ball, and getting my dinner fix at the local fried chicken or taco joint on the street — I’ll end my night usually at a local dive bar watching silly B-grade movies, sipping on an amaro, and laughing with friends on both sides of the bar. My love and appreciation know no bounds for this city and the creativity, genuine hospitality, and growth it continues to flex.

    Anna Wick holding camera and a glass of white wine

    Get To Know

    Anna Wick

    My name is Anna Wick, and I’m a full time food and beverage photographer here in Sacramento — I began as a dishwasher and line cook, explored beer sales, and finally landed on being a photographer within the industry. You’ll find me catching coffee or drinks around midtown with friends and family, or exploring farmer’s markets, looking for my next creative dinner ingredients. I’ve been lucky enough to work with top notch restaurants and bars in this city, as well as be featured on Sactown Magazine covers and in the California Michelin Guide. I look forward to launching a passion project this coming year focused on photojournalism in Agriculture and the effects of Climate Change on our food/drink production.

    January 2023
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