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Allen Katz Jägermeister Manhattan Bridge Cocktail

Allen Katz

Welcome to SHIFT DRINK, showcasing and celebrating bartending talent across the country. SHIFT DRINK will bring it, with unique and inspiring cocktails created by local bartenders & mixologists, highlighting their cities. This month, let's visit NYC, with OG and living legend Allen Katz!

Cocktail: Manhattan Bridge


  • 1.5 parts  Ragtime Rye - New York Straight Whiskey
  • 1 part Jägermeister
  • 1 oz La Copa Dry Vermouth
  • 1 dash  Orange Bitters

Glass:  Old Fashioned Glass

Garnish:  Orange oils from the peel and discard

Method:  Stir ingredients over ice until well-chilled. Strain into an old-fashioned glass with one large ice cube. Garnish with an orange twist (discarded).

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Manhattan Bridge

Allen Katz

Jägermeister Manhattan Bridge Cocktail

Photo by Nate Laird @Jagerlifeatx

Hey Allen, what inspired you to create this amazing cocktail?

I am constantly tinkering with Manhattan recipes. Rations, proofs, split base on Whiskey and/or Vermouth. Jägermeister provides a great opportunity to work on a balance of sweet and herbal accents all at once. 

I have lived in New York City for 29 years. It engages me every day. The pandemic has been a trick and a half, particularly for hospitality in the city. It has created an opportunity to return a focus to elemental flavors and processes in presenting cocktails. Even simple drinks like Manhattans and Martinis live room for surprising creativity and pleasure. 

What do you love most about your city?

There is an essay here but what I love on a daily basis is the authentic cliche of energy that the city fosters. So many people go in so many directions with their own personal goals and challenges. It is inspiring and invigorating. That, and an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy great music and art!

What does hospitality mean to you?

We all need to be taken care of, daily. Hospitality means looking out for the needs of others, giving customers an access point to pleasure and happiness. 

Grab your tools and let's make it together!

Video by Nate Laird @Jagerlifeatx

Allen Katz
Director of Mixology & Spirits Education. SGWS
 Director of Mixology & Spirits Education. SGWS test

Allen Katz, Brooklyn, NY.

Allen is the Director of Mixology & Spirits Education for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits of New York and the co-founder of New York Distilling Company. Based in the great city of Brooklyn, he distills Ragtime Rye and Dorothy Parker Gin. If it were his last night on earth, he would request a Manhattan with a broad lemon twist.