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Andrew Deneef in a bar

Andrew Deneef

Welcome to Shift Drink, showcasing and celebrating bartending talent across the country. Shift Drink will bring it with unique and inspiring cocktails created by local bartenders & mixologists, highlighting their cities. Let's visit Phoenix, AZ, with Andrew Deneef, the Southern Glazier Wine & Spirits Manager of Mixology.

Cocktail: Sonoran Brew


    • 1 part Jägermeister Cold Brew
    • 1 part Teremana Reposado Tequila
    • ¾ part Liquid Alchemist Prickly Pear Syrup
    • ½ part Lemon juice

    Garnish: Mint bouquet

    Glass: Cantarita cup

    Method: Combine ingredients in a tin, add ice, shake, and strain into a Cantarita cup packed with crushed ice.

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    Sonoran Brew

    Andrew Deneef

    Jägermeister Sonoran Brew cocktail

    Photo by Nate Laird @Jagerlifeatx

    Hey Andrew, what inspired you to create this amazing cocktail?

    I wanted to capture something that would really speak southwest. The desert provides us with so much beauty, and when people visit the Phoenix area, they look forward to seeing new landscapes and trying new exciting flavors that are unique to the southwest. One of those unique southwest flavors is prickly pear. This is a flavorful purple fruit that grows on cactus. Paired with the bold flavors of Jagermeister Cold Brew and, of course, Teremana Reposado Tequila, we get a nice balance of fruit and spice that is so refreshing; served on crushed iced because this drink shines with dilution, and also, it's hot as heck out here!

    What do you love most about your city?

    I love the diversity of the neighborhoods and the energy of this city. Each part of the Phoenix area has kind of its own identity. From Tempe, which is college vibes, to the more upscale Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, to the hip and upcoming Downtown PHX, and the fast-growing craft community in the east valley in Chandler and Gilbert. There is always something new in this fast-growing community, and I love to see new talent rise as all these new concepts open and grow.

    What does hospitality mean to you?

    Hospitality, to me, is all about the experience. There are many parts to making a drink or dining experience perfect, but it is ultimately the way you feel when leaving an establishment. Like you were entertained, spoiled, and treated like royalty. Where each need is anticipated and met in a timely manner, and you were welcomed by warm personalities and gracious hosts.

    Grab your tools, and let's make it together!

    Video by Nate Laird @Jagerlifeatx

    Andrew Deneef
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    Andrew DeNeef, Phoenix, AZ

    Andrew is the Manager of Mixology with Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits of Arizona and an international touring musician. As a twenty-year bar veteran, He has used his wide range of experience and his creative mind to help shape cocktail menus of all kinds. From the local watering holes to national hotels, resorts, and restaurant chains.