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Jagermeister Dirty Chai Fizz Cocktail

Dirty Chai Fizz

A Great Fall Cocktail To Celebrate

3/4 part Jägermeister MANIFEST

3/4 part Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee

1 part of heavy cream

1/2 part chai tea syrup**

1 egg white

1 part soda water

Ice: Shaking

Glass: Fizz

Garnish: Dust of cinnamon

Method: In your shaker tin, combine all the ingredients except for soda water. Add ice to your tin and shake vigorously. Strain your cocktail back into your shaker tin and get rid of the used ice. Then shake it again without ice REALLY REALLY hard and vigorously. To the bottom of a fizz glass (collins glass if you don’t have fizz glass), add about an ounce of soda water, then pour your shaken Cocktail on top of the soda water. Let it settle for a moment. Then carefully pour soda water into the tin you just emptied the Cocktail from and “rinse” the tin with about an ounce of soda. Pour the soda water from the tin onto the top of the drink. It should be rising with foam. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy!! (can also add a date or fig on top as a garnish should you have it)

Tips & Tricks:

** To make chai tea syrup: Brew chai tea, measure how much tea you have, and add half amount of turbinado sugar and mix to dissolve. (ex- 1 cup tea, add 1/2 cup turbinado sugar)

October 2020
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