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Jägermeister Hot Buttered Rum

Jägermeister Hot Buttered Rum

1 Part Jägermeister
1 Part Aged Rum
TBSP Buttered Rum Batter

Glass: Coffee Mug
Ice: N/A
Garnish: Grated Cinnamon

Combine ingredients in a heatproof mug. Top with boiling water and stir to mix the batter. Serve hot with grated cinnamon on top
* Butter Batter
16 oz Unsalted Butter
16 oz Brown Sugar
16 oz Powdered Sugar
16 oz Vanilla Ice Cream
Tbsp Cinnamon
Tsp. Grated Nutmeg
**Heat butter until melted under medium-low heat. Add sugars and whisk together. Remove from heat and add Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Stir in ice cream until melted. Transfer to airtight container and store in refrigerator overnight.

Tips & Tricks:
You can have some fun with your batter recipe here! Keeping the proportions of Butter, sugars, and ice cream, you can experiment with some flavors. I also whipped up a batch with chocolate ice cream, and it turned out excellent! Awaiting the holiday eggnog flavor to hit shelves and give that a go as well.

You may also add some holiday spices such as clove, ground cardamom, mace, etc. The best part about holiday recipes is every Family has their tweaks to holiday staples!

Feel free to change ice cream flavors or swap in some Jägermeister Cold Brew as well! Maybe with salted caramel ice cream!

This is a great base recipe. Feel free to make it your own. Store batter in the freezer, and you can enjoy anytime, even after the holidays!

December 2020
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