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Jagermeister Moves like Jäger

Moves Like Jäger

Welcome to Shift Drink, showcasing and celebrating bartending talent across the country. Shift Drink will bring it with unique and inspiring cocktails created by local bartenders & mixologists, highlighting their cities. Let's visit Los Angeles, with Mishka Bier.

Cocktail: Moves like Jäger


  • 1 Part Jägermiester Original
  • 1 Part Bombay Dry
  • .75 part Ginger Syrup*
  • .5 Lime Juice
  • 4 muddled blackberries

Method: Add 3 blackberries into shaker and muddle thoroughly. Add rest of ingredients to shaker, then add ice. Shake and fine strain up into a coupe and garnish with 2 blackberries through a pick with a mint sprig on the side. Make sure you take your time straining, the cocktail will stick a bit in the muddled blackberries.

Tips & Tricks:

  • To make the ginger syrup. Blend 1 part rinsed ginger with 1 part water. then strain through a mesh sieve. Put an equal part ultrafine bakers sugar to sweeten the ginger juice.

Scroll down to get to know Mishka & make the cocktail!

Hey Mishka, what inspired you to create this amazing cocktail?

My inspiration of the drink is a relatively new and striking building in Los Angeles. Its unique, as it doesn’t have any structural support within the building and all the load bearing portions of the building are affixed to the outside of the building. It looks like its straight out of a comic book. I wanted to build a cocktail to kind of reflect that, a unique flavor combination with a striking color. This cocktail brings together my favorite aspects of Los Angeles, it may catch you off guard… but easy to fall in love with. The name though, homage to one of Los Angeles’ greatest musical acts, Maroon 5.

What does hospitality mean to you?

It’s the beauty of a blank canvas every night when someone sits at your bar. You have the tools and the ingredients to really take your guests on an experiential ride through your creative lens.

Grab Your Tools, and Let's Make It Together!

Get To Know
Mishka Bier
 Mishka Bier test

Former touring musician and jazz trained guitarist and current lover of the finer things in life. A 13+ year veteran behind the stick, specializing in spirits; vintage and current. He focuses most of his time doing menu development and training staff around Southern California. He’s continuously finding ways to invigorate passion and excitement of the craft to every team bar he visits. Balanced cocktails are always his focus while maintaining approachable recipes with ease of execution.