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Jagermeister coldbrew cocktail recipe

Patrik’s Kaffee


Created By: Mathias Simonis


  • 1 Part Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee
  • 1 Part Irish Whisky
  • 1 Sugar Cube
  • 4-5 Parts Hot Coffee
  • Irish Stout Whipped Cream

Glass: Footed Mug

Garnish: Irish Stout Whipped Cream

Method: Build in a Glass. Float Whipped cream.

Scroll Down to Tips & Tricks and learn how to make Mathias's "Stout Whipped Cream."

Break Out Your Tools & Follow Along!

Mathias Simonis
Regional Educator Mast-Jagermeister
 Regional Educator Mast-Jagermeister test


With March comes St. Patrick’s Day, one of the biggest days for bars & bartenders. Back in 2006, I was running an Irish Pub in Milwaukee, WI, and would make fresh cream with Guinness to top our Irish coffees. The stout syrup colored the cream to where it looked like a small pint of stout and was a huge hit. The Irish coffee is one of my favorite drinks, and during my time living in San Francisco, I often made the pilgrimage to the legendary Café with a Good View for the original, having one at the bar, and one to go! My inspiration was to re-create those experiences featuring Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee!

Tips & Tricks

Make Irish Stout Whipped Cream

Take a bottle or can of your favorite Irish Stout, and reduce by ¾. For example, bring a 16 oz. bottle of stout to a boil and reduce heat. Simmer until reduced to 4 oz. Add an equal amount of sugar and dissolve. Remove from heat and cool. To make whipped cream, combine 4 parts heavy cream, 1 part stout syrup, and whip with a hand mixer, adding powdered sugar to taste and desired consistency. Add more sugar for more dense whipped cream, and less for thinner. I recommend a TBSP of powdered sugar per oz of heavy cream used, leaving the dream a bit more “liquid” to float over a bar spoon, and leaving the finished drink to look like a glass of stout!

Get To Know Mathias

Mathias Simonis hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mathias began his career in 1991 bussing tables, and has worked his way to Regional Educator for West and Control states for Mast Jägermeister-US. Mathias has lived in San Francisco, Nashville, and Las Vegas, and worked some of the most notable bars in each city.